SPENCER, Ewen. Open Mic. [Brighton]: (ES Books) [self-published], (2005).


Open Mic.
[Brighton]: (ES Books) [self-published], (2005).

8vo (231 × 166 mm), pp.[64]. 34 colour photographs. Texts by Martin Parr and Mike Skinner. Design by Phil Bicker. Colour photo-illustrated perfect bound wrappers, black, text in white. Fine.

First edition. Ewen Spencer has already established his reputation, in recent years, as a photographer of much talent with his work on youth culture, but now he turns his attention to the 'grime' music scene in London. ... This is where Spencer's quality as a photographer really begins to work. He has thrown himself into this whole scene with such enthusiasm and dedication that he has won over the confidence of the key players on the grime circuit. This demonstrates how the potential magic of contemporary photography begins to operate. Because Spencer's photography is so compelling, the viewer begins to understand what attracted him in the first place. ... This scene is about energy.. ... Ewen Spencer's photographs are also about energy, making visual sense of the wonderful anarchy of grime. Spencer brings the same raw passion to his photographs; I think those who view them benefit from this engagement (Parr).


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