GRIFFIN, Brian [and BUBBLES, Barney]. Y Paint Your Windows White. [London: self-published], (1983).



[BUBBLES, Barney]; GRIFFIN, Brian.
Y Paint Your Windows White.
[London: self-published], (1983).

Folio (419 × 296 mm), pp.8. 9 black-and-white photographs by Griffin, 1 by Martin Parr. Design and illustrations by Bubbles; light handling and storage marks Unbound as issued. Red button in plastic bag affixed by tape to front as issued. Near-fine.

First edition. Y Paint Your Windows White is the first and only realised issue of a series of publications planned by Bubbles and Griffin. This issue takes its title from a series of British government issued instructions on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. Barney Bubbles took his own life on November 14 1983, which was also the same day that American nuclear-tipped cruise missiles were flown to the Royal Air Force Station at Greenham Common, which was used by the United States Army Air Forces during the Cold War.

Bubbles’ reputation has grown steadily since his death and a number of British designers who made their names in the 1980s, among them Neville Brody and Malcolm Garrett, cite his work as being a key influence. Richard Hollis referred to him as being the most original talent to emerge from Britain’s punk scene, adding that he ‘was unique in his ability to find imagery for a verbal idea. His designs did not depend on obvious aesthetic effects nor did they borrow from fine art, as had the Modern Movement designers like Rand. The image was locked together with the words to make an idea; its references were only within the design itself, without connections to a broader culture.’

Scarce, no copies in OCLC or COPAC.

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