FIERET, Gerard Petrus. Foto en copyright by G. P. Fieret. (The Hague): (Uitgeverij Voetnoot / Fotomuseum den Haag), (2004).


(FIERET, Gerard Petrus).
Foto en copyright by G. P. Fieret.    
(The Hague): (Uitgeverij Voetnoot / Fotomuseum den Haag), (2004).

Folio (330 × 240 mm), pp.[160]. 145 black-and-white photographs, reproductions of two notes. Afterword by Wim van Krimpen in Dutch, English, and French. Black-and-white photo-illustrated perfect bound wrappers, text in purple, black, and white; light rubbing to foot of spine at edge. Near-fine.

First edition, issued to accompany the first major retrospective of Fieret’s work, which coincided with his 80th birthday. In the late 1950s Fieret began forming a body of work which included scenes from everyday life in The Hague, but mostly consisted of self-portraits and candid female nudes. In the 1970s he stopped taking photographs and worked solely with existing images from his archive, re-cropping and creating composites and montages.

Interest in his work has grown steadily, and with the increased interest an increasingly concerned Fieret began prominently stamping and signing the front of his prints so as to protect the integrity of his ideas. This obsessive stamping adds a further formal quality to his already remarkable photographs.


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