[CHANNELING CASANOVA]. History Repeats Itself. The Reincarnation of Josephine & Napoleon. [N.p, c.1930s].

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History Repeats Itself. The Reincarnation of Josephine & Napoleon. Just like people say they talked with Christ, I have talked with Napoleon and he gave me his wisdom, power and courage, also introduced me to Josephine, so I could carry on where he left off, and follow in his footsteps. I will do this with the greatest pride. The Great Lover Casanova of Today.
[N.p, c.1930s].
Original handbill, single sheet (278 × 214 mm) printed recto and verso. 2 black-and-white photographs in offset, text in black, printed on thin white coated paper stock; lightly toned, light handling marks, 4 nicks to edges. Near-fine.
The tattooed author of this handbill believes he has made contact with and is channelling the spirit of Napoleon, furthermore he claims to have been offered positions of power within an Australian cannibal tribe, and additionally in China, India, and Manilla. Positions he was unable to take do to an inability to handle the heat, stating that he prefers the -40° cold of Quebec and Montreal.
'I will be the reincarnation of Napoleon and also the lover of Josephine which will come true and will not be a fake like the I AM who, the Ballards, of Chicago, said he would be the reincarnation of George Washington but instead found guilty in Los Angeles. While I sweat blood to pay my own way to do and say as I please. I am the greatest lover in the world when it comes to loving Princesses and Queens—that’s my dish. As they are the only real women who ever knew how to love a real he-man like myself and make him happy...
When I get to be a ruler or emperor, if you will, like in former times I will be all through my torture and misery or experience of hardships. As the rulers of old, always had to prove in the primitive days that they can take it as well as dish it out, by taking punishment to build up their career. Just like the Indian children right here in the U.S.A. when they ruled all this country by living outdoors, etc, and living on the land they produced themselves, instead off of the sweat of the workers, like the parasites and fakers of today.
The unseen power I have has punished me many times because I disobeyed and worked as a waiter, Slave, etc., because I could not express my own feelings or get my place in the sun, which I should have. The ones who are on top should be on the bottom as most of them are Simpletons anyway. You know that as well as I do.'
Rare, only one copy on OCLC: Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois


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